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VirtualBox’ed Ubuntu with KDE4 on a MacbookPro

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30 Dec 2008

Today I decided to spend a little of my time on configuring an Ubuntu VBox on my MacbookPro. I was bugged by a “your system is not supported by us” error message while connecting to a remote service, which in turn stated Linux was actually supported. (Un)Fair enough, I love Linux much more than Macs too. Even if having a triple-boot mac(hine) is already planned, I had no time to spend giving BootCamp the first try, so I decided for a quicker way: install VirtualBox, grab an already installed&configured Ubuntu VBox an work with it. It’s a really easy and straightforward job:

ubuntu@ubuntu: ~$ sudo ifconfig eth1 up
ubuntu@ubuntu: ~$ sudo dhclient eth1

Then I noted that no Desktop Environment was already installed, but we know how to go (I love Deb* distros, as you may know :) ):

ubuntu@ubuntu: ~$ sudo apt-get install kde yaquake firefox

After about 1 hour (my Internet connection sucks, I know it) all was configured and usable. This is the result:

Ubuntu + KDE4 + Firefox + Yakuake inside a VirtualBox ;)

I must say, it runs quite well. Not a speed champion, but I had many other stuff working besides the virtual machine, like JBoss, Eclipse and Firefox instances.

Well, that’s it. Take care!

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