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Alfresco ECM moving forward on the Maven path

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03 Dec 2009


These days some milestones have been placed that are both consolidating past efforts and promising great improvements on maven based processes around Alfresco ECM.

First and foremost, to prove the Alfresco commitment in mavenizing the product, have a look at their hosted Sonatype Nexus instance. Even if big changes are still due, you’ll be more than happy to find Alfresco dismembered in maven artifacts, each one with it’s POM. Most of them are just a kind of placeholders, but here and there you can find some hints of what they’re going to be.

Aside, the same Nexus instance also offers a new home for the components developed within Sourcesense that up until now are the only way to leverage Maven when dealing with Alfresco.

A great post from the guy that made it happen will provide you more and more insights, pointers and stuff. All with a Maven taste.

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