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Amsterdam Clojurians meeting #4 - Dojo style

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14 Apr 2010

Today the fourth meeting of the Amsterdam Clojure user group was held at the now usual Sourcesense offices venue in Amsterdam.

It has been probably the most successful one until now: thanks to some newcomers we had the most participated event ever with 10 nerdy, awesome geeks sitting together to discuss about nerdy, awesome stuff with lots of parenthesis.

As previously proposed by Jeff Rose, we started thinking about improvements we could provide to the standard Clojure REPL, deciding for colorful messages for the doc function. Sam Aaron proposed then to follow a dojo-like approach, with a single laptop connected to a projector where everybody has the chance to step in and do some coding while everybody else discuss possible approaches and alternatives.

The resulting code from this session is available on github. It does just a simple thing, it provides a way to override the default doc behavior in order to make use of our custom, colorful implementation of print-doc. And even if it doesn’t look like rocket science, I can guarantee that being there and looking at how we came up with that, from some impressive vim-fu showed by Michiel de Mare to the clever and clean code provided by Remco van ‘t Veer, was indeed a lot of fun!

If all this sounds interesting to you, go and checkout the group mailing list or just show up at the next meeting, second Wednesday of each month at the Sourcesense office.

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