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Clojure makes it to the Alfresco DevCon2011

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04 Sep 2011

If you’re a bit into Alfresco, you surerly know what the DevCon is.

To use the same words from Jeff Potts:  

the premier event for digging into the details of the Alfresco platform and collaborating with others who are doing the same

Now, as soon as I received the CallForPapers I immediately (and impulsively!) submitted a talk named Alfresco, the Clojure way in the Customizing Alfresco track, where I wanted to introduce to enthusiastic Alfresco developers how to do their job using a fantastic programming language. It was just last week that I was notified that yes, my talk made it to the conference schedule! Clojure goes to London!

It will be great chance for Clojure to prove itself a great tool, and to get some more exposure to software professionals around Europe and beyond. Now that things got serious, I really need to put my presentation together, and that’s where you can provide some help.

I still don’t know the time slot the presentation will be given, but surely enough I’ll publish online the full version of it as soon as I’ll be back from London. The following is the initial list of topics I’d like to cover, but I’m eager to know from you what you would like to add to it.

High level topics

Again, I don’t know how much time I’ll be given, so I can’t even guarantee I’ll have time for all the above topics to get a proper introduction, but since I also might have still enough time to cover other topics, what would you like to see in there?

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