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H2 support 1.1.1 for Alfresco 3.4.12 Enterprise with Maven

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27 Mar 2013

Just a quick update on the H2 support project, today I released the 1.1.1 maintenance version which targets Alfresco v3.4.12 Enterprise.

Please make sure you always double check the official documentation to pick and choose the right version to use in your Alfresco project.

H2 and Maven

For the sane those among you that use the Maven SDK, you should know that H2 support is used to quickly boot the Alfresco repository webapp during your development cycles.

If you’re using a version of Alfresco other than the default 4.x that’s assumed by the SDK, you must also adapt your H2 support version to be able to start up Alfresco. It’s as easy as overriding the following maven property:


Happy development!

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