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H2 support updated for Alfresco 4.x

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14 Dec 2011

H2 Support reloaded

Some time ago I announced a module to enhance Alfresco in order to support H2 as its persistent data storage. While it was successfully tested against Alfresco v3.4 and v3.5, @mindthegab pointed me out that Alfresco v4.x wasn’t even starting when using the H2 module.

A quick look at the PostgreSQL scripts and configuration of Alfresco 4 revealed that they were indeed radically changed in the new release, so that an update was necessary.

Matching versions

Since 3.4+ and 4.x version series have quite different configuration, you need to use a different version of the h2 module depending on the Alfresco version you’re running, namely:

H2 moduleAlfresco versions supported

The artifacts for both versions are available on clojars, please refer to the official documentation for the usage guide.

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