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Spring surf Clojure and Alfresco H2 support now in Maven Central

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06 Mar 2012

tl;dr: I had to change the groupId of both h2-support and spring-webscripts-addon-clojure. Good news is, they’re now available on Maven Central!

Build management dilemma

Part of my company offering is an Alfresco based CMS, which we build the maven way. While this is already a nicely integrated build with the rest of the other products, I currently find it annoying to require a database to be installed wherever the project is built (ubiquitous MySQL installed locally on my laptop, on the CI server, etc.). As I’m maintaining an H2 compatibility module for Alfresco it’s natural for me to integrate and use it.

There was only one thing blocking this process, and that’s the maven repository where such artifact were deployed.

Deploy on Central

As much as I love Clojars, it still requires to be manually configured when dealing with a pure Maven build. Since it’s not quite an option to add an artifacts repository for something as small as h2-support, I decided to just follow the guidelines for Maven Central sync on OSS Sonatype and rename the group ID to resabmle my personal web domain. This means I did dirty, dirty things that bought me an entire eternity in hell, such as retagging both v1.1 and v1.2.

But, as the only change in the POM is “non functional” such as description, developers and such, it’s not going to hurt much I believe.

This move is reflected also in the currently unreleased spring-webscripts-addon-clojure, so if you’ll be using it or you need h2-support remember to use the tk.skuro.* group IDs, and you won’t need to add a <repository> to your POM ever again.

Thanks Sonatype for the awesome service!

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