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Slides from Dispatch in Clojure

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31 Aug 2012

Presentation slides

A bit late, and already announced elsewhere, but here you can find the slides from the Dispatch in Clojure presentation I gave at the August 2012 meetup of the Amsterdam Clojurians group. Hopefully it will ease you bearing to wait for the October Amsterdam Clojure event later in October :-)

The code samples I used in the presentation are available on GitHub.

The story behind

In a previous meetup a discussion arose about protocols and how they relate to mixins in other languages such as Ruby. A quick mention to virtual methods dispatch table was enough to let my head spin around all the details I was missing on low level Clojure mechanics. A presentation was due.

What’s in

What I was curious about, and eventually ended in the presentation, is how Clojure implements function calls and method dispatch from both a low level JVM and high level language syntax perspectives, and how they relate to each other. What’s (briefly) covered in the presentation:

What couldn’t be entered in the presentation is the interesting digressions we had during the meetup using an open REPL, some sample projects and a Java decompiler.

Video recordings are still a pending TODO in the meetup list, so if you’re around Amsterdam make sure you come and join us for some other awesome Dutch Clojure nights!

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