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org4idea adds org-mode support to Intellij IDEA

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08 Sep 2012

tl;dr: org4idea is a brand new project to add org-mode support to IntelliJ IDEA

A coin with two sides

Given the gargantuan size of the feature list of org-mode, there’s hardly any competition of note taking systems for hackers. I’m completely sold on it since long time already, so much that uptime(1) returns always a quite precise approximation of the Emacs process lifetime.

While such setup makes for a merry and seamless experience while hacking on my Clojure projects, the dream breakes when I move to work on Java code, where I shall have no other IDE besides IntelliJ IDEA.

Baby steps

As there’s no better way than a quick hacking session to start the weekend, I eventually decided to take some time to put together a minimal plugin to support editing org files within IntelliJ: a few hours later org4idea landed on my GitHub account. It’s a ridiculously tiny plugin at the moment, only providing syntax highlight for comments and outlines.

While I’m not planning to support all the features and plugins of org in IntelliJ you can safely bet I’ll be adding new features with time. You can always open an issue to try to buy some karma points to that specific feature you desperately need to be implemented (well, in such cases you could also realize you’re just one fork away).


While the plugin still awaits approval in the official repository you can manually install the plugin by downloading org4idea.jar and feed it to the Settings -> Plugins -> Install plugin from disk dialog.

Happy GTD!

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