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H2 support 1.5 for Alfresco 4.1.1 Enterprise

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16 Oct 2012

After Alfresco version 4.1.1 Enterprise came out earlier this month, H2 support needed to stay up to date and release a new version which incorporates the few schema changes in the Alfresco database. Thanks to Jon Evans and Ixxus, H2 Support v1.5 it’s already out there!

Version management

As usual, H2 support follows its own version numbering scheme, and you need to double check which one to use depending on the Alfresco version you’re running: version 1.5 only supports Alfresco 4.1.1 Enterprise, so if you’re targeting other versions go and update your POM.

Availability on Maven Central

By the time of this writing, H2 support was just pushed to Sonatype OSS, and while it should happen shortly, it still has to be synchronized with Maven Central. If the following Maven dependency fails to resolve, try to download and install it from here:


On a side note, the stats feature of Sonatype Nexus are plain awesome. I can have direct insights of the amount of downloads of H2 support over time, split by version number. Check it out:

H2 download stats

Your chance to be awesome

Jon was just great to help H2 support and provide the patch that made 1.5 happen. It’s always inspiring to see how OpenSource drives people to build something together, spending time to shape technology to be the way we need, asking for nothing else in return than just be part of the community.

H2 support is a tiny project, and requires little development and maintenance. Still, you can always help by either testing it against undocumented Alfresco versions, or reporting bugs or your wish list as soon as you figure them out.

Thanks for reading this and happy Alfresco hacking!

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