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October Amsterdam Clojure 2012 is coming up!

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14 Oct 2012

Saturday, October 27th. Less than two weeks. That’s the time when October Amsterdam Clojure, the biggest Clojure free event in the Netherlands, will be up on stage. I’m so incredibly excited about it, I can’t wait to see all the seasoned clojurians, passionate technologists and curious newbies meet together to discuss one of the most intriguing technologies of our present day. Here’s a couple of things to remind you of what’s ahead of us.

Don’t forget to bring a ticket

As much as the event is totally free to attend, our limited logistics imposes us a limit on the attendance. In order to reserve your seat at the event, just go on the event Meetup page and RSVP. This much, and you’ll be joining us and have full access to the conference.

How to reach us

As it goes with all Amsterdam Clojurians regular meetup, the big October event will be also hosted by Backbase. You can find the directions to the venue on the official event page. While it’s not far from Central Station, make sure to take note of the correct address. Once you’re in the neighborhood, it’s easy to find us: just go to the main entrance of the big, glass building with the huge newspapers logos on top. Yes, that one. You’ll find some of our awesome Clojurian volunteer to wait for you downstairs.

Afterparty drinkup

We’re still in the process of organizing a drinkup right after the event, make sure your agenda is free in order to join the swarm of Clojure coders and discuss functional programming philosophies over a couple of beers!

Stay up to date

Events are complex beasts, and we’ll try hard to let you always be up to date with any sudden change of the plan. If you want to double check the official plan, here’s where you can find all the info you need:

Looking forward to meet you there!

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